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Suit Up Poker League LLC. is a FREE, NO RISK, NO MONEY poker league that organizes daily Texas Holdem games at restaurants, pubs and sports bars in the Richmond, Virginia and the Tri-Cities area.  You will have multiple places to play each week.  It is 100% FREE to play.  Win nightly prizes and qualify for our seasonal tournaments where you can win CASH and other prizes.




Played my first tournament last night at Wild Rose. Great time. Very well run.

Mike Conway

Suit up poker is the best league I have ever played on ! The people treat you great and the TD'S and the owner do a wonderful job ! I would recommend this league to all my poker buddies .

David Wolfram

Kimberly has formed an awesome league that still believes in the integrity of the game and goes the extra mile with this league! I have never been more impressed with such a quality person and all Kimberly has done to make this a very enjoyable experience!

Lisa Smith

Played the first time the other night. It was a lot of fun and had a great time. Hope to make it a regular thing. Thanks to everyone who makes it easy for us to just show up and play.

James Smith

Suit up is by far the best league in the area. The tds and owner will do anything possible to make sure you have a good experience. Also the competition is tough and the venues are great.

Robert Smith

I love this league ! the tds ,my poker friends and especially Kim for putting so much of her time and effort to make this the greatest poker league around!

Linda Burgess

It's a great league , or should I say the best league out there. The people are great to play with and I have made so many good friends. With the addition of the AC and Vegas trips it is the best league out there. The CEO AND THE TD's are the best as well. The Saying of BIGGER AND BETTER is just a understatement. I have been in the league for two years now and have had a ton of laughs with some great people , keep up the great work SUIT UP and this league will go a long way.

Thomas Hamilton

I've never played with this league but one of their venues is where I work. Everything always has gone smoothly . its a good vibe around the table and they have awesome people to run it. It definitely makes my job a lot easier when things run smoothly and we get a lot of great people that come in here!

Amanda Brandt